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Five Children and It - E. Nesbit This book became tiresome rather quickly for me. Each episode of the children's wishing is formulaic: kids wish for something, it doesn't turn out like they imagined it would, a lesson is learned. Repeat ad infinitum. Toss in some casual racism for variety. I am aware the book was written in 1902 and is reflective of the prevailing attitudes of the time period. I am also aware that it is a children's classic and important to the development of early children's literature. However, I can't imagine recommending this book today. Nor do I see ever reading it again. On the plus side, the Psammead (or sand-fairy) was quite the original wishing medium, both in appearance and behavior. Not your typical genie or traditional fairy in a fairy-story, neither all evil or good, mostly concerned with himself and his own welfare, but not truly malicious.