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In a Sunburned Country - Bill Bryson The first part was fair; I had read A Walk in the Woods and enjoyed it - this Bryson travelogue didn't make me laugh nearly as much, which doesn't mean it was bad. I am very interested in Australia in general, and hoped this book would further my knowledge a bit. Unfortunately, however, the middle part of the book was sort of bad for me - it lagged and sagged terribly. However, the final ~third of the book was very interesting and completely enjoyable, so much so that they almost made up for the long, dragging middle section. There are a number of sites and attractions I would now be very interested in seeing, although I wonder how much things might have changed in the ensuing years since this book was published. Apparently, I am in the minority, as most other reviewers seem to have given this book more than three stars. Ah, well.