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The Puppet, the Professor and the Prophet (Abadazad) - J.M. DeMatteis The original series had promise, but this is the third book, and for me it's like a truck stuck in Mississippi mud - the plot wheels are spinning, but the characters are going nowhere. The book ends with the protagonist in almost the exact same state as when it began. There are too many SCREAMING CAPITAL LETTERS for me as well. The main character is incredibly annoying; I kept hoping she would get more likeable, but she hasn't. I just couldn't connect with her. And I had hoped by the third book, we would have seen more of Matt (besides dream encounters and such).

Sadly, this is the last published book in the series. Apparently, the original publisher CrossGen went bankrupt, and what with one thing and another the series was abandoned. I enjoyed the graphic novel part of the book much more than the straight text. It was kind of distracting that they had both; I wish they had simply made the entire series in graphic novel form only. Sad that the series didn't live up to its original promise.